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5/4/2016 11:37:21 AM
David Grissom didn't plan to announce his bid for re-election as mayor of Russellville until mid-May. But Ronnie McDowell had other ideas. When McDowell invited Grissom on stage during McDowell's April 16 concert at the Roxy Theater, it wasn't to join him for a duet of Older Women Are Beautiful Lovers.  In front of a packed house of 600, the country legend asked Grissom if he was going to r
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5/4/2016 11:51:25 AM
The Russellville City Board of Education approved a revised salary schedule for central office employees at its April 14 meeting. The schedule includes base salaries for the newly created Administrative Assistant A and B positions created by the board. Dr. Tim Guinn and Claudia Askew were hired to fill those positions last month. The Administrative Assistant A position that Guinn will begin June...read more
5/4/2016 11:48:49 AM
Next Tuesday will be a special day for Franklin County residents as the Bear Creek Education Center in Hodges will reopen to the community. Rep. Johnny Mack Morrow, who was instrumental in the transfer of Overton Farm (which includes the Education Center) from the Bear Creek Development Authority to the Town of Hodges last year, will host a special reopening ceremony. After more than a year of n...read more
5/4/2016 11:48:12 AM
The Liberty’s Legacy group arrived on campus at West Elementary School on Tuesday, April 19, and used their “Super Citizen” program to teach second-grade students what it means to be an American citizen who contributes to society and the community. A number of the students stood during the ceremony to honor local heroes that each class nominated. Russellville City Schools had b...read more
5/4/2016 11:45:57 AM
Ladybugs, or Asian lady beetles (whichever you prefer), are a common sight in the area. They are pests, as well as beneficial insects. They are often seen crawling on the sides of cars, light fixtures and walls. Ladybugs are easily identified. They are about a fourth of an inch long with a convex oval shape and have a pale yellow-orange to dark red-orange color. They also sport black spots on the...read more
5/4/2016 11:35:46 AM
When you go to the grocery store, how often do you take the time to read what’s on the back of the package? How often do you do research on what's in the food you fix for yourself and your kids? These were just two of the many questions that were answered at the ‘Food Myths’ seminar organized by the Extension offices from Franklin, Colbert, and Lauderdale counties. The event fea...read more
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