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More local eating establishments earn satisfactory health scores

The seven Franklin County establishments that received health ratings during the week of April 23-27 each had scores that fall into the “satisfactory compliance” range.

Health ratings are required to be prominently posted in all food/lodging establishments. Scores are graded by the Alabama Department of Public Health inspectors on a 100-point scale.

Establishments with scores of 85 to 100 are considered to be in “satisfactory compliance” and are routinely inspected. Establishments scoring between 70 and 84 will be inspected again in 60 days, and those scoring between 60 and 69 will have another follow-up within 48 hours. Any establishment scoring below 60 will be immediately closed.

Areas of inspection by ADPH include management and personnel; food storage, preparation and service; equipment; utensils; linen cleanliness; plumbing and waste; poisonous or toxic material storage; and an inspection of the physical facility or property.

The seven Franklin County businesses listed in the most recent food and lodging establishment ratings scored 92 or above, within the satisfactory compliance range.

The highest score was 99, shared by Slickrock Camp Store, 170 Slickrock Camp Road, Russellville, and Subway #24292, 15300 Hwy. 43, Russellville. Inspections of Franklin County businesses, with critical item violations noted, resulted in the following scores:

  • The Flying Beetle Destination, 104 Montgomery St. SW, Russellville, 92. (Lettuce and tomatoes out of temp).
  • Backwoods Grill & Fish Camp, 2937 Hwy. 43, Phil Campbell, 93.
  • Kentucky Fried Chicken, 15045 Hwy. 43, Russellville, 95.
  • Stockyard Cafe, 14330 Hwy. 243, Russellville, 95.
  • McDonald’s, 15254 Hwy. 43, Russellville, 96.

Of the 18 inspections done in Colbert County from April 23, 2018 through April 27, 2018, no restaurants scored below the satisfactory range.

The high score for the week in Colbert County was 99, received by Love’s Travel Stop #580/Subway, 2048 Hwy. 20, Tuscumbia.

Updated ratings are available at www.foodscores.state.al.us and may be viewed by city or county.

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